Educational Anagram- Alex Reynolds

Hello world! My name is Alex Reynolds and I am a third year student at Colorado State University. I am studying English Education with a minor in the Spanish Language. In the future, God willing, I will teach English to Spanish-speaking students in Central or South America. Due to the fact that I love words, I thought I would describe my aspirations as an educator in the form of an anagram…


Effort- There is nothing more admirable than a teacher who demands effort and hard work from her students. One of my main goals for being a future educator is to have high expectations for my students and to help them achieve them! Quitting is not an option.


Daring- I hope to be a teacher that is willing to step ‘out of the box’ to ensure that my students are learning. I believe that all things in life involve risk and that being an educator will cause me to take big risks for the sake of my students and their well-being.


Understanding- As a teacher, I hope to hold my students to high standards, but I also want to be understanding of my students’ out-of-the-class or in-the-class struggles. This results in having personal relationships with my students and encouraging and working with them on a one-on-one basis.


Collaborative- “It takes a village to raise a child” and in my belief, to educate them as well. One of my goals is to be an effective collaborator with other teachers, administrators, parents, and other community members. I hope to design my teaching strategies around the ideas and wants of everyone, not just myself.


Aspiration- In my opinion, giving students the motivation and encouragement they need to dream is a huge part of being an educator. Knowledge may help students to get better jobs or to help solve the world’s problems, but without aspirations, they will have no desire to do these things.


Talk- In teaching English, I not only want my students to become proficient in this topic, I want to give them a voice. I aspire to teach my students the importance of having an opinion and voicing their ideas at appropriate times (and in two languages? How cool!).


Obligation- It is my opinion that my obligation as a teacher is to make sure my students are being reached on an educational level in the most effective way possible. I believe it is my obligation to do everything in my power to ensure learning, to sustain encouragement, and to help grow these students into what they dream to be.


Respect- One key to learning is to continue to be humble in gaining knowledge. I hope to teach my students, as well as learn myself, to respect other’s views and respect themselves. By learning this skill, students will have the ability to learn, hear different point of views, and humble themselves to continue to grow in more knowledge.


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