Public Introduction


My name is Tealana Hedgespeth and I am currently in my third year at CSU. I was originally majoring in Health Sciences, but quickly changed my major to English education when I realized Health Sciences wasn’t for me. Of course there is a back story to why I was so quick to change my major with little thought, but long story short, an English professor inspired me. Actually, most students I meet are majoring in English education because of an inspirational teacher.

I am hoping in the future I will be teaching high school. But, I want to do a lot more than that. I hope to inspire students the way a few teachers inspired me. I hope to coach an after school activity like color guard or the dance team. I would also love to teach acting classes and direct school plays and musicals. I want my teaching experience to help kids and be dense with activities that help them grow. I can not wait to be a teacher!


About tealanaronn

I am Tealana Ronn. I love writing, baking, Christmas, movies, poetry. I am obsessed with Matthew Gray Gubler, Transformers, Lady Gaga, and Sons of Anarchy. I love living, and helping others!

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