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My name is Andrew Haack and I am currently a third year English Education major at CSU.  Like many of you the main reason that I want to be an English teacher is because of one of my past English teachers.  Ever sense I can remember I have had an incredibly hard time learning to read and write, and in the first grade when my teacher noticed my poor reading skills and spelling test scores, my doctor and school counslers determined that I was dyslexic.  The very next day, I was taken out of the normal classroom, and put into a remedial reading and writing class for an hour a day with a teacher who treated you like you were three.  In this way I learned to despise everything about reading and writing.  Although I remained in a class like this all the way until the sixth grade my hate for the subject of english continued until my sophmore year of high school.  My english teacher that year connected with me in a way that no other teacher ever had before and by the end of that school year I was, for the first time, reading and writing at a level that was acceptable  of my grade level.  For the most part she helped me over come my dyslexia and ever sense then I have enjoyed reading and writing.  Ever sense then I knew that I wanted to be a high school English teacher so that one day I may be able to impact a students life in the way that she impacted mine.


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