Public Intro–James Kelley

My name is James Kelley and I’ve been at CSU for close to a year now. I am majoring in English education and creative writing. For the past six years I was serving in the Air Force in Cheyenne, WY as a police officer.  It was during that time that I earned my first bachelor’s in criminal justice.  But now I wish to become an English teacher.  I’m still not sure at what level specifically, but right now high school seems to be where I would want to teach.  Also, I think that I would like to teach in the more rural schools, especially on the Native American reservations.  I feel that I could really help in that part of the country.  I can say that I do not have any English teachers that have inspired me to become one myself, as most of them were not my favorite.  I guess I’ve always enjoyed teaching. I was an instructor for my unit in the Air Force and would teach new recruits who were new to my unit, and I really enjoyed instructing them; watching them progress throughout the weeks of training. I could say that I want to be the teacher that inspires the students, or makes a change in their life.  But in all honesty, I want to be the teacher that helps the students to develop a love of learning in general, even if it is useless knowledge that would only be helpful in trivia games.  I felt that most of my teachers did not want to develop that love of learning new information and new things in their class room.  They mostly wanted us to remember and regurgitate the information on command with tests and quizzes.  So, basically, I don’t want to be most of the teachers that I had.  As long as I can help the students to want to go out and learn new things, no matter what it is, then I think that one of my teaching goals will be accomplished.


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I like turtles!

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