Public Intro- Nick Bonnet

Who am I? Nick Bonnet, 3rd year English Education Major at CSU, looking to teach at the high school level.

Who am I as an educator?

I am a collection of things worked for, yet not achieved.

I am the embodiment of hope, yet still fearful.

I am Atlas, and I feel the weight on my shoulders.

I am a stomach full of butterflies, and a heart bursting with gold.

I am me, in transit; point B not yet reached. 

Because the truth is, I am a bundle of wants and wishes, but my feet aren’t on the ground.

Who am I as an educator? 

I’m still a student, learning the logistics. But I know what I want to do, and who I want to be as a teacher. I want to love what I teach and teach what I love. My enthusiasm for English comes from the enthusiasm of the teachers who taught me. I want to do as they have done me. I want to inspire through what inspires. I want my hands to wave wildly as I explain a book I love. I want to get down to the level of my students and connect otherwise alien literature to their everyday lives. Because no student wants to read Shakespeare or Steinbeck. But most will once they are shown the scandalous love affairs and epic journeys. 

For the students disinterested or struggling, I want to do everything in my power to help them through it. And maybe, just maybe, get them to enjoy literature. 

But until I get my feet on the ground, these are all coins in a wishing well.

Because I’m not an educator. 

                             Not yet. 


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