Public Intro No. 1

Hello everyone in Co-301D,

My name is Alex Denu and i’m one of your fellow classmates. I am currently a junior at CSu and am very excited to continue to dig deeper into my major which is (as with most of you) English Educatoin. I would say that I’ve always had a passion for reading and writing, but the though of being an English teacher never really occurred to me until my freshman year here at CSU. Once i began to consider the idea, I looked back on all of my past english teachers and realized how big of an impact they truly had on me. Once i entered the program, the teachers here at CSU continued to help me develop my passion and understanding for literature as well as for education. One thing that I am extremely interested in learning more about is alternative forms of education (Montessori schools etc.). My curiosity for this started last year when i watched a lecture by Sir Ken Robinson on (I’ll include the link). Through alternative education I hope that i will be able to reach a vast number of students in teaching strategies and practices that are not used thoroughly enough today. I recently had a friend ask me why i want to be an English teacher, and i don’t really believe that the answer that i gave him was true enough to how i felt. Through this class and throughout the rest of this semester i would like to be able to understand more fully why this profession appeals to me, and how I can advocate and articulate my passion for it. Looking forward to a great semester with all of you!

Alex Denu



About alexdenu

Senior english major at Colostate University. Publishing, self-publishing, e-books, OCR corrections, reading, lit analysis etc.

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