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Hello fellow bloggers,

My name is Emma and this is my third year here at CSU. I am an English major with a concentration in English Education. Currently I am on track to become a junior/high school teacher. My focus would likely be English, but I would also love to teach a high school speech class or even a poetry/creative writing class. A teacher in high school sparked my interest in English Education, and I will never forget the teachers who made an impression on me. As an educator I hope to inspire students as I have been inspired and to teach them that through writing they can explore many worlds and learn more about themselves than they ever thought possible. This year I am starting an internship with Americorps through CSU’s Community Literacy Center where I will facilitate a poetry course for the women inmates at the Larimer County Detention Center. I believe this experience will help me grow as an educator and help prepare me for the classroom.


About Emma Steward

Coloradoan, yogi, future educator, vegetarian, nature lover, fine wine connoisseur of fine wines (Five truths and lie, or is it two...)

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