Public Introduction

My name is Marie Huntzinger and I am a third year student at CSU. My ties to education began young in life. My mother is a teacher and has always shared with my sister and me how valuable an education is. My whole life I have seen the impact she has made on children’s’ lives. It is amazing to see a twenty four year old man come back and still remember his kindergarten teacher eighteen years later. Like most everyone else, I am an English education major. I began my college career however as a Biochemistry major. In high school I never had a great experience with my English teachers. My biology teacher was the one who made an impact on me, leading to my decision to become a Biochemistry major. My freshman year at CSU I enrolled in 20th Century Fiction as an elective class and had an outstanding professor whose teaching ultimately ended up causing me to change my major. From my own educational experiences I have learned how big of an impact educators make and realized that I wanted to make that kind impression on young people’s lives.

My mom has really inspired the kind of teacher I hope to become. She always says that her biggest goal is to promote a lifelong love of learning in her students. This is a goal which I too have adopted. It is so important to engage students in learning; if they aren’t interested and involved in their learning then they passively move through the system. What I learned from my professor was how English can be more than reading and writing; it’s art, science, philosophy and human nature. After taking this class I wanted to share my epiphany with future generations. In my high school experience I never had any personal investment in English; the subject was never applied to other areas I was interested in. When students have personal investment in their learning it becomes enjoyable and sparks further learning.

I can’t wait to continue my educational experience this semester and better get to know all of you!


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