A Tad About Me

A Biography of Me!

            Starting with the basics of every introduction, my name is Fairon Ann-Marie Bleam. I am originally from Twin Lakes, Iowa where I attended the University of Iowa for two years receiving all my general education. I then decided I needed a change. I have been dreaming of coming to Colorado since I first began my college education so I figured why not start now? I have worked in many various settings all having one thing in common: helping, teaching, and working with people. Which is exactly what I want to do! I am on my journey to becoming an English Education teacher, obtaining my masters, and eventually becoming a college advisor.

When I think of myself as an educator, it is rather scary because I still consider myself to be fully in the student role. Looking back, however, I have been a teacher my entire life. From babysitting, to volunteering, to working in public settings, everyday I am teaching the world something new whether I am aware of it or not. I absolutely cannot wait to be in my own classroom and be excited about learning from the students as well as getting them excited about learning in general and in life.

In my spare time I love to do anything outdoors! I love hiking, kayaking, all water sports, yoga, and much, much more. Anything that I have an opportunity to do or learn, I take advantage of it. Life is too valuable to not try anything! I do enjoy school although probably like most students the studying gets a little grueling, but I am ecstatic to finally be in my program where I feel I can personally be the most successful and make a difference in the world, no matter how small.


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