Allow me to introduce myself…

I am Megan Rice and I’m a senior in the English Education program here at CSU. My entire life I have been a reader and a writer. Sometimes I’ve wondered whether or not this is because teachers along the way told me I was good at language arts, and caused me to focus much of my attention towards the subject itself. After all, from a very young age no one really WANTS to spend time doing something that they are either told they are bad at or not recognized for in general. I always say that I have more of an “English” brain than a “Math” or “Science” brain, but I don’t know if this is the way I was born or the way that school shaped me.
I grew up in Denver in an upper-middle class suburban neighborhood. School was always a positive environment for me, and I remember valuing my education above most things. At Cherry Creek High School I met an English teacher (Mr. Mazenko) who was pivotal in my decision to become a teacher. The thought was, “If I can bring this much joy, support, and knowledge to others, then I can think of no better way to spend my life!”
I’ve worked at summer camps and volunteer programs with kids along the way, and I love building connections/positive mentor relationships with young adults.
William Ayers sums up the question of “who I am as an educator to the world” quite nicely in his co-authored comic To Teach:

“To name oneself as a teacher is to live with one foot in the much of the world as we find it- with its conventional patterns and received wisdom- and the other foot striding towards a world that could be but isn’t yet.” (11)


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