Introduction to the Public

Hello All,

My name is Tara Seyffert and I am technically a Junior here at CSU. I transferred from Santa Clara University which is near San Jose, California. I was born and raised here in Colorado, but wanted to try something new… unfortunately Santa Clara wasn’t the right place for me, so I came home. But, while I was studying there, I took a class with one of the most inspiring professors I’ve ever had. He made our class fun, make sense, and gave us background and insight as to why we needed to adjust our writing. He always told us to “Support your Claim.” Now, for every argument or piece of writing I do, I try to remember that I need support for whatever I am saying. This small nugget of wisdom lead me to my desire to become an educator. I want to show students that English and writing connect to so much more than writing papers for an English class. A perfect example of this is OUR BLOG! If we don’t communicate well in our writing, there’s no point.

I want people to see educators as heroes. That’s a bold statement, but any profession can be heroic. Education is very important and we have a lot on our hands when we are teachers. Hopefully we can all make our mark and make a great impact in the future of education!


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