Just a little bit about me!

I’ve never actually had a wordpress account before, so please bear with me as I try and figure all of this out.

My name is Jessee Macklin and I am third year student at Colorado State University studying to become, like a lot of my classmates have already mentioned, an English teacher. From an early age I have always loved reading and writing. I loved how I could easily get lost in a book, and how that it could take me to places that I hadn’t even imagined before. Because of this, I started wanting to write my own stories in the hopes that one day I too would be able to let people escape the structure and schedule of their every day lives, and to also challenge myself to push the limits of my own creativity. These were pretty ambitious goals for a second-grader, I admit, but I kept at it and it has gotten me here today.

Writing and Literature aren’t my only passions, however. Growing up I was lucky enough to have parents willing to put up and even encourage my love of animals. I think they may regret that now that I am living away from home and can’t have the majority of them here with me. I even debated for a time going into the Criminal Justice program offered here at school so that I might become an “Animal Cop” so to speak, and work to take animals out of abusing homes and situations. I thought about this my entire first year of college before deciding that English was were I belonged, and teaching it is what I am called to do.

I want to make English fun, and to show my future students that reading isn’t a chore and that it’s something to dread. I want to be like the English teachers I have had over the years and get my students actually excited by a piece of their writing or a book that they get to read. I know that might sound rather ambitious, but I KNOW that I can do this.
¬†Even if it’s a single student at a time, if I can make a difference in their life if only by making English class tolerable, then I know I have chosen the right profession.



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