Public Introduction

Linda Alexander

I am a student.
I love to learn and am always willing to try new things
I get stressed out
I don’t agree with teachers at times
But I love to learn
I am a teacher.
Mentoring is one of my specialties and
I wont complain if the attention is on me.
When I see that light bulb go off, I can’t help but smile,
When I teach, I feel accomplished.
I am a risk taker.
Teaching at an inner city school is my dream job.
Changing the minds of students is what I know I was born to do.
Teaching reading, writing, and expression is on of the most important things.
I am passionate.
I work hard at what I do.
What I want to accomplish.
Although I may be strong witted at times, it is all do to reaching the finish line…
and I am willing to do what ever it takes to get there.
I am young.
I don’t know who I want to write for.
Why I want to write…or why I even like to do it.
I love expression.
I love people appreciating my thoughts, dreams and aspirations.
Blogging for my peers is who I write for now.
I am optimistic.
I know that one day I will become a teacher.
I will have my own classroom,
Full of students I can finally call my own.
I will struggle, it will be scary.
But I am up for the challenge.
I am Linda Lynee’ Alexander.
Teacher, student, sister and friend.
And am thrilled to already be well on my way
To following my dreams here at Colorado State University.

Who am I as an educator? I am someone who wants to change the minds of young adults. I want to create an atmosphere in my classroom that allows students to enjoy learning. I want kids to WANT to learn. As an educator I am nervous. I am terrified. I do not want to fail. I do not want to give students a wrong answer, or not know the answer to the questions that they ask me. I want to help them to the best of my ability. I want to improve as an educator. I want to continue to be a learner. I will always be a student, as I am an educator. I am excited for students to teach me as much as I teach them.
Although right now I don’t really consider myself an educator. I consider myself a student. And I think I will always consider myself a student. When I have a classroom to myself, I am going to be taught by my students every day. I am thrilled to see what they are going to teach me, and how they are going to help me grow as an educator.

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