Arne Duncan’s “Change is Hard” response

This speach was a very enlightening read for especially because I probably should pay more attention to what is going on in the world of education.  The part of this speach that struck me as the most interesting part about it was the respect project.  It really supprised me that something like this didn’t happen sooner given results of “No Child Left Behind.”  I agree that our educational system to has a long way to go to achieve excelance but this innitiative gives me great hope for it’s future.  I am also very fond of the idea of teacher evalutaion.  One of my biggest fears as a future teacher is to walk into my future classroom with vert little support to improve my teaching methods.  With teacher evalutation, I’ll be able to bounce ideas off my peers and get feedback that will allow me to improve for future students.

However the part that I liked most about Arne Duncan’s speech was simply how much he praised the educators of America.  I don’t think I have ever heard someone glorify the teaching profession to the level that he did in his speach, and it really makes me confident in the future of the profession.  Also, a bigger paycheck would be nice as well.  It makes me a little nervous at the same time, however, knowing that, in a way, we as teachers are going to be reponsible for the future of this great country.  It’s a heavy burden to be put on your sholders not only because the hammer is going to come down on us if something goes wrong.

With all the changes happening in education today, the whole system is heading for a better and right future, but as Arne Duncan said, we still have a long way to go.  Most states have now set higher standards for their students but many still remain under the clutches of “No Child Left Behind.”  My thought on that topic is that the standards should be almost constant across the whole country.  The fact that the states are given so much wiggle room to set their curriculum in many ways off balences what students learn in other areas of the country.  If students in two different states are being held to different standards, doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of educational reform?  Setting the standards to a constant level all across the country will create a more unified educational system and improve the the quality of education that our students recieve in the classroom.


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