Tech-Savvy High Schoolers

Above is an article from the Reporter Herold about the Thompson School District high schools. Its content focuses on schools becoming more ‘tech-savvy’ because technology is the biggest trend right now. I say trend because every kid wants to own a cellphone, ipad, kindle; not just to own one, but for their technology to be better then everyone else.

Here is my problem with technology, and please, feel free to jump in a comment.

I believe people are missing the big picture. Not every school in the nation is funded well enough to have computers and walking talking white boards with their fancy remotes every student can participate with. It seems legitimate and great from schools like Mountain View because they are funded to do so. They even secured a grant that will allow every student to have an ipad while they are in school. But that is one school out of thousands. My question is how is technology in classrooms fair to students who can’t afford iphones. Would they not love to access information at the tip of their fingerprints through the google machine? They would, but they can not change their families income, their way of living, etc.

I honestly think it is pure laziness. If we allow students to access the Internet in classrooms at the touch of their fingertips, we will not know if they are actively engaging or just checking to see how many people liked and commented on their status about what they ate for breakfast.


There is a time and a place for technology in a classroom. I do not believe that students should be allowed to flash their phones as a dictionary tool or easy access information. The ipad for every student could work, if it was for simple check in questions that were generated for attendance or a certain in class project.


Personally, I am just not sold on the idea of personal technology in classrooms.


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