The future of public education?

Hey fellow 301D classmates,

I was on Twitter the other night and this tweet about Charter Schools in D.C. came up through The Washington Post. I read the article and thought it was interesting–especially the fact that parents and students are choosing a barely funded, run-down charter school with high reading scores than state-of-the-art multi-million dollar schools with poorer test scores. It made me think what sort of teachers must be teaching at Two Rivers to make it such a successful school despite its disadvantages, and reminded me again how much of an influence teachers have to the overall success of a school. It doesn’t matter if the school has air-conditioning, or a fancy new gymnasium, but the quality of the teachers. We can make a difference–a HUGE difference!

I continued to ponder the fact that public schools might be changing, and the future of education might be more in the private and charter schools than public education. I believe that public schools will always be a foundation for teaching and learning and will always be part of our country, but the successful test scores and learning/teaching habits will come from the private and charter schools. Because, sadly enough, private and charter schools generally pay their teachers better, have more accurate systems for one-on-one student attention, and have higher standards for teacher education and professionalism (not always the case, but most of the time it is). Though this article took place in D.C., I’m sure cases like this are happening all over the country, and as a future public-school-employee, I’m trying to come up with ways that I can make public schools more successful and compete with private and charter schools. What do you think?

See you tomorrow!


Here’s the link to the article I mentioned:



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