The Presidential Election and the Future of Education

Here’s a copy of the article from the NY Times titled: On Trail, Obama Attacks Romney on Student Aid;

Generally I want nothing to do with politics. They all seem the same to me and, I’ll admit, I don’t put in the effort to do some research of my own to understand each candidate’s stance on certain issues. I’m one of “those” Americans… But as an aspiring teacher, I am interested in our candidates’ stance on education. As a student here at CSU, I’m interested on their stance on Financial Aid. 

If you read through this article, however, it answers nothing really-for me it didn’t anyway. I personally see the issue of education as an extremely important one. I think it’s so obvious! That’s all anyone has every told me: “Education is the best thing you can get.” I believe that, but how can millions of students continue their education with the outrageously high price tags that come along with it? Then, politicians boast about how they will do something great to offer more financial aid and student loans, etc. etc. And yet, I have seen nothing from anyone in the government. I am fortunate enough to attend our beautiful school and take classes and do some extra curricular activities on the side. But many of my schoolmates aren’t as fortunate. And that number is growing for many middle-class Americans who wish to earn a degree. 

As my fellow classmates may know, President Barak Obama is coming to our lovely campus today to speak. (Unfortunately I cannot attend…) But I’m curious to know if he actually cares about his audience, and the issues he’ll be addressing. I am a skeptic, and I don’t give politicians much credit. But I am very excited to have the President’s speech circulating the cyber-world so that I can better understand his views on education and how he plans to better the situation if he is re-elected. 


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