What is 21st Century Education?

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here is a LINK to my blog! Its called, “What is 21st Century Education”.Watch the video then see what you think about my reflections that I took from it. It is the top post on my blog. Enjoy!  [:





2 thoughts on “What is 21st Century Education?

  1. esteward747 says:


    This video is a big wake up call for future teachers! No longer is education the stereotypical “call & response” form of lecture between teacher and student like it used to be. With all of these breakthroughs in technology, there are many ways to new tools in the classroom. And this is a very exciting time!
    Since we know that our students are jazzed about using things like tablets and web accessible capabilities on their personal devices, social networking, and the latest fads of technology, why not embrace those as tools for academic success in the classroom? Some teachers in K-12 education are banning these forms of technology, but why not embrace them? After all, if we are preparing our students for the future, and at the same time turning a blind eye to new technology, we are just hindering and discouraging our student’s success outside of the classroom.
    In the past 5 years the digital universe has grown by 1,000% (according to the video) which gives us as teachers A LOT of resources to make our classrooms dynamic and flowing with creative juices! As teachers, we too need to keep up with the changing world. We owe it to our students to be innovators, mentors, entrepreneurs and illuminators.
    Thanks for posting this video, Linda!

    -Emma Steward

  2. margotgirerd says:

    Hey Linda,
    I had a chance to watch the video and I must say, I am still overwhelmed with the fact that everything is in constant motion and is changing all the time. At the same time, however, I am overjoyed that as teachers, we will get to be a part of this new generation and help be the motivators that our students need. In the video they mention that we need to be more culturally aware, and this is something that was evident before, but not necessarily a must… and now i really think it is. I hope that you are as excited as I am to become a mentor and innovator!
    -Margot Girerd-Barclay

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