Education: Home schooling is not a benefit

Linda Warren is a parent who believes in home schooling children for two ‘beneficiary’ reasons: control and flexibility. Read her article here and see how she presents her case why home schooling is a great option.

Falling upon this article, I was automatically interested. I always read articles with a home schooling focus to see if it can sway my opinion. I am firm that it never has a never will.

Linda’s main point is that home schooling benefits so you can ‘control’ your child, in their social, academic, and personal life. First and far most, I have a problem with the word ‘control’. It sounds so demeaning and angry, like homeschooled children are being kept in a closet with no food or bathroom breaks. Sounds like if you take a step out of line; you will be slap on the back of your hand with a ruler or at the very least put in a corner with a dunce hat. Secondly, I am a strong believer in being social. You don’t have to talk or be everybody’s friend but when you are cooped up in a house with only your family your whole life, you get disconnected from reality. This is personal, and I am sure I might get a few hate comments, but every home schooled student I have met has been socially awkward. But, it is not THEIR faults. I am sure they get out every once and a while but usually they have few friends and do not know how to interact with others. How could they know? They have been trapped in the controlling arms of their parental. They might be book smart, but they will never fully develop street smarts. This next comment is in no way, shape, or form demeaning to education-I am becoming a teacher myself but, street smarts are just as important as book smarts. You have to know how to interact with friends and playmates and bullies. You can not be eighteen and then enter the world of College and be terrified that one person dislikes you. Public schooling builds a thick skin. It just does.

The Authors next point was flexibility. I understand this to an extent, but, how many vacations are you planning to take in the course of a year? The excuse of ‘they learn better in the afternoon’s’ do not feel sorry for you. Nobody LIKES waking up in the morning to go to school. We do not chose it, but we do it because it is how the world works. Good luck finding a job with all your time restraints. The working world does not care. They need bodies and you will work the shift they gave you. Just drink some coffee and deal.

I can understand why Linda believes in home schooling-but I 100 percent do not agree. What a sad way to raise a child. You got to let go. It is cliché but you need to let your children grow wings and fly, if you baby them they will fall out of that nest and get trampled on.

Tealana Ronn


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