A Degree Does Not Guarantee a Job: A Response to Education Today

This is the original video.

This is the response.

“Collaboration is the stuff of growth.”-Sir Ken Robinson (Original video)

“The age that kids are growing up today is the most stimulating age ever… kids get distracted…teachers are just training students to regurgitate facts.” -Dan Brown (Response video)

Both of these videos really got me thinking about education today. Education of students that we will soon be teaching and my own education, both in high school and college. I agree with Dan Brown that I am merely being “sold an education” that many teachers read from their power points and post them and expect their students to “learn”. I also agree that some of the best classes I have ever had were the classes that a stimulating discussion was fostered, either by the students or the professor/teacher. Students should be given the opportunity, at all levels, to learn from each other.

I am still thinking  and trying to consider both of these videos.



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