Low salary deters men from teaching in elementary schools

The link for my article is right here.

So I guess we’re supposed to sound “blog-ish” in this post, or at least attempt to write how a blogger would. I’ll give it a go.

Reading through this article, or more like commentary, I found some interesting ideas/concepts about men in the elementary teaching world.


Daniel Schantz brings up an idea why men do not want to teach elementary school that is not exactly related to money, and it intrigued me. He says:

“I can tell you that in my experience the No. 1 reason men don’t go into elementary school teaching is their fear of being labeled as sexual abusers. Many people persist in viewing men as potential sexual predators, and not without some reason.”

I would like to question my male peers to see if they felt this way or not. It seems so ridiculous, but I can also see it being a legitimate reason in our judgmental society. Seriously..feedback on this would be cool, guys.

For more on the low salary stuff…just read the article. I just wanted to bring up the most riveting point for me. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Low salary deters men from teaching in elementary schools

  1. Hey Devyn, the link to your article is behind a login screen, which makes it difficult for non-CSU readers to look at the article. Since it comes from a major newspaper, can you find a different, more accessible link?

  2. bonnetnicholas says:


    I think I speak for a lot of guys here when I say that interacting with small children as an adult male has complex social rules attached to it, that many (like myself) do not even want to touch with a five foot bamboo pole.

    If you think I’m being overly dramatic, think about how a mother would respond if another woman she was just meeting picked up her child in a playful manner and commented on his cuteness. The mother would go “She’s just being maternal. And she called my little bag of bones adorable! That makes me feel happy! Yea!”

    Now, let’s replace the woman with a man. The mother wouldn’t have the same thought process at all.

    “What a creeper…please put down my child so I can pepper spray you.”

    Now, I wouldn’t recommend picking up small children for the hell of it, especially in vehicles, but I do think there is more tolerance for women interacting with children then men.

    Now let’s throw poor Phil O’ Peda into an education career, a profession which only makes the news when a teacher gets frisky with a student. Add the already negative social views of men and children, and what do you get? A lot of assumptions and mistrust. Who wants to feel that at work?

    And though I am disgusted by the male teachers who do perform these sexual acts, I can’t help but be sorry for male teachers in general. In high school (and college!), about 50% of my male teachers were labeled “perverts”. This wasn’t the case at all. They were all just socially awkward or new teachers learning the ropes. But since they weren’t this guy…

    …they look like this guy:

    I don’t think that’s really fair, but people’s judgments often come from popular societal misconceptions.

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