I have no idea how I feel about this but I found it interesting. I feel like it makes me feel guilty for being a white american… everything seems to be so much easier; sad truth, but truth non-the-less. Maybe thats not how I feel about this article at all! I guess im still trying to figure that out… whatever. It just bothered me.



Im sorry but you’ll just have to copy and paste the website into your search bar because I can’t get the link thing to work… technology hates me.

“White mans guilt”?


One thought on ““White mans guilt”?

  1. lexyeaggs says:

    Some of the stuff in this article was a little foggy to me… I wish they had given more detail as to where the 90 parents felt that they were misled, or why they aren’t doing a secret ballot right now to get a more concise idea of what type of action needs to be undertaken for that low performing elementary school. I do like the idea of the parent-trigger law, and need to do more research as to what it actually entails.
    I was a little confused by your response though- what do you mean by white mans guilt? I didn’t see any statistics in the article about this being a race issue, or exactly what the latino-caucasian ration is in this school. Do you think that the discrepancies are actually being caused by race, and not a miscount? It’d be a major shame if it was, but all signs point to confusion into what the parents thought they were rallying for and who was actually surveyed…. I guess we need more information for any major conclusions, but I saw it more about logistics and red tape then about ethnicity.

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