Romney’s Focus on Standardized Testing

As November quickly approaches I feel myself being drawn more and more into the political sphere. After all, this will be the first Presidential election that I can vote in and I want to do it right! However because I am not associated with any particular political party I find it difficult to find which candidate I agree with more. Obama or Romney? Since I’ve seen Obama in action as POTUS my focus has mostly shifted to Romney, a candidate that I don’t know much about. I came across this video on Youtube (called the dibbley-do??) and decided that I would like to comment on it.

First off, I think I can see where he’s coming from (I like to try to view things from a perspective as objectively as possible). Essentially, he wants to have higher standards for children in the school system so that they can succeed once they go out into the world. However, I think he may be a little off as to how to approach things. One thing that he mentioned multiple times is the importance of standardized testing. Now I’ve been rather vocal about my dislike for testing (I’ll save the rant for some other time). It also scares me that my job may possibly be dependent on how well students are able to perform on a test. I can still be a good teacher even if my focus is not on testing.

My roommate said the other night that “teaching and education is an art, not a science”. I agree with him whole heartedly. I think that teaching is an ongoing process that involves a lot of fine tuning and crafting. The problem with Romney’s approach is that he approaches education like a science or a statistic. I think that when you start assigning statistics to things such as teaching, you are not going to get a very accurate read out of what is actually going on. So what is the best approach to see how effective schools/teachers are? I don’t know the right answer. I’m not in politics for a reason, but I just know that so much emphasis on standardized testing is not the way to go.

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Anna B.


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3 thoughts on “Romney’s Focus on Standardized Testing

  1. fbleam says:

    Hey Anna!

    I’m not big into politics either and I feel like I really should be considering I am going into the teaching profession, but I agree with you on the standardized testing. I don’t feel that you can test a kid’s knowledge with just those tests, and I also think it’s outrageous that teachers are put so much pressure on for these tests. I understand it’s good to have testing to make sure children are staying up with their appropriate age level, but I think the pressure overall needs to be lifted. It’s extremely terrifying to know that our jobs as future educators are threatened because of standardized testings.

    So as for your question, what is a good way to test children’s achievements and make sure we are being adequate teachers? I think there are many different things that we can contemplate, but I personally think it’s going to come down to individual states to be more effective. I think overall standardized testing is a decent way to get an idea of what we need to work on and how schools are doing, but I don’t think that’s what it should mainly be focused on. I think our nation is mainly doing that because it’s simply the easiest way to get an idea of how our nation as a whole is doing. These are just a few of my thoughts that I would add to the conversation that you started!

    ~Fairon đŸ™‚

  2. tseyffert says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you when it comes to politics and standardized testing. I think that if you use numbers for students, you won’t get the results you want. Each student is an individual and is different in so many ways. If you looked at teaching and education as a science, each student would have so many different variables that your “experiment” would be skewed from the beginning.
    I am not very interested in politics and don’t really have the drive to research the candidates to know them better. But your research got me interested and I should take on this responsibility because it will be my first presidential election I can vote in, too.
    I am interested in what else you find for both Obama and Romney, especially in regards to education because that will be our future in the next few years.

  3. Hey guys! 1) Thanks for commenting. 2) Fairon, I think that you’re right about performance reviews being up to the individual states. I think that states will have a better idea of exact what their schools need more than on a national level. 3) tseyffert, I liked how you continued the science metaphor that I talked about. I agree it would be a failed experiment! And I can try to post more things about the candidates if they would be useful to other people. I hate politics, but I think that it’s important to know what it is you’re buying so to speak.

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