I am trying this new “loose” form of blogging. First of all, I am still not convinced that blogging is really important in my life. I went into this class expecting to write papers, so this class has come as a complete surprise to me. I understand that we are doing writing via blogging at this point, but I just don’t see the point. Not to say that it is not a useful form of communication in a world that is inundated with technology, but I just don’t see myself using it outside of classes that I am forced. Also, I have  managed to avoid twitter for a very long time and I am not all that excited about using it just for a class. I mean the point is, I will ultimately do what ever is required for class, but I just am going to act like a child right now and say, “I don’t wanna!”

On that note, I am not trying to say that technology is not important and that it is not in the classroom. Technology is everywhere, I should know. I mean it takes me three times longer to do my homework than it should because of Pinterest and Facebook. I have a friend that brings her iPad to class and spends the whole time messaging and  and looking at her Facebook and it is really distracting to me so I am sure it is distracting to others in the class. However, teachers are finding a way to harness that technology and use it for good too. Many teachers have found websites that they can use for review sessions that require the students to text in their answers.

I can see how teachers can find technology useful in the classroom, but for me I just find it distracting at this point in my life.



5 thoughts on “Technology

  1. lindalynee says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. Mainly because I couldn’t disagree more. haha which is really fun for me because I love hearing peoples point of views as to why they don’t like twitter or blogs. I personally have both, and I find it nice to release me thoughts for the world to see, while others are more introverted…and would rather write in a personal diary or journal. I think that there is just something that is particularly fun and exhilarating about blogging. Posting something on the internet at one instant in time, and all of a sudden any one in the ENTIRE WORLD can read your thoughts and opinions. I do see how you would find blogs and twitter “dumb” or “distracting” but I really think you should try and give it a chance. Even though you still may hate it at the end of this class, try to think of it as something new and fun. Twitter is a lot like Facebook…only its just status updates. [: you hear people’s thoughts and its a little more convenient actually because they are all in a list. This will also be very new for me, because I have never had a class that requires me to tweet and blog. It should be interesting having people that I sit in class with reading my thoughts and opinions. Blogging can be easy sometimes because you don’t really have to face the person. But in this class, that is exactly what we are going to have to do. Should be interesting. [: but thanks for your post. It is fun reading peoples opinions that are not in line with mine.

  2. tseyffert says:

    Kaitlyn, I couldn’t agree more with you. I got a Twitter for one day (my younger sister was showing me the ropes), didn’t understand the point of it, and deleted it within the hour. I am enjoying the “loose” form of writing, but blogging is not my biggest concern either. I think it’s important for us, as future educators, to understand this new form of literacy and technology to try to use it to our advantage and connect with students. I kinda, sorta talked about this with my post… but I really don’t like the different/emerging forms of communication because it’s too much to stay on top of and keep up with – and I’m a little lazy (don’t blame me! I’m a college student!). But I think this class will be helpful to learn these things, then delete our Twitter accounts and move on.

  3. Alex Reynolds says:

    I happen to agree with you on your feelings toward blogging. I think I still have judgements toward blogging/bloggers about being unprofessional. If it’s not too harsh to say, I feel like most bloggers are just people who want to put their diary page online for everyone to read. I think in some ways it can be good in the way that it can validate the way you are thinking/feeling by seeing that someone else also feels the same way (point in case). I can also see the benefit of ‘starting new conversations’ on ideas that need to be addressed. However, to me it just seems that there are too many bloggers with too many uninteresting blogs that bring zero meaning to my life. But hey, what do I know? I just started this whole blog thing! So don’t take my opinions too seriously, I need to do some more research before I just blurt out my feelings online… Man, I AM turning into a blogger…

    Alex Reynolds

  4. devymon says:

    YES! Someone who also has a legitimate hatred for Twitter and the nonsense that it produces!

    I can definitely relate to you as far as taking way longer to do hw because of my addiction to Facebook and Pinterest. It’s like I automatically type in facebook right when I pull up my browser and sometimes I don’t even do what I was supposed to do on the internet…like checking my bank account (as if I have money in there) or checking my e-mail (as if someone actually e-mailed me other than Pinterest). Ugh.

    And sorry for being that person who totally only brings their laptop to class to look at facebook…I have a problem.

  5. tealanaronn says:

    I think it is fun to blogs. Personally, I hate online text and it is hard for me to read academically through online material, but, I really enjoy reading blog posts. Especially yours: short, sweet, to the point. I think that technology has a hold on us – and we sadly need to conform to it but- you can definitely find ways to make it your own, useful, and fun for your students.

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