Game-Based School

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Enders Game is coming to life! But i hope the games that these kids are playing are alot less devastating than the giants drink game. If nobody knows what i’m talking about, you guys should all go read Enders Game. Im definitely interested in this idea of gamification and how it could be transferred into education. I think that there is a basic appeal to for games that is pretty much subconscious in people that comes from the excitement and motivation that we all get from a point reward system that is meshed together with technology. I also think that this appeal to games is much stronger in kids, who understand the concept of video games and seem to be extremely drawn to them. Sometime in the last couple months i heard somebody say that this form of education is almost like “tricking kids into learning,” and even though i see their point, i don’t agree with it, and i don’t like what it implies. This statement implies that kids have to be “tricked” into learning, and can’t find any motivation on their own. This system of Game-Based School doesn’t put a veil over children’s eyes and try to fool them into thinking that they’re not learning, it just gives them a new way to look at learning, which they (and all of us) could find extremely beneficial. The classic institution of learning seems to be so linear and so straight forward, when in reality education must be multi-facetted and organic. Systems like Game-Based School, Khan Academy, Flipping Classrooms, Flat Classrooms etc. provide new and exciting ways for students and teachers throughout the world to think about what education really means.

-Alex Denu

About alexdenu

Senior english major at Colostate University. Publishing, self-publishing, e-books, OCR corrections, reading, lit analysis etc.

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