Learning a Second Language

Learning a Second Language


Margot and I played around with the idea of vlogging today. It was quite the learning experience. I felt like I was in 8th grade Movie Production class again and relearning how to use iMovie What we ended up with is a very rough video with a lot of good starting places for a better vlog. We were able to discuss the similarities in language as we came up with ideas for our vlog: we came to realize that french and spanish share certain words such as buho and hibou (owl), jirafa and girafe, elefante and éléfant. We talked a lot about the ways in which learning a second language can help learners find connections between ideas or topics that seem very different on the surface. Though the editing is questionable (I will take credit for that), we tried to make use of still pictures and mini-skits and I think that it worked out nicely in the end. It was definitely more of a challenge to keep a steady flow of active thinking going. We wrote out a plan and ended up skipping over topics we wanted to discuss. We made claims and didn’t really back them up or take the time to evaluate what we meant or where we got our information from. You’d think it would be easy to sit in front of a camera and rant away educatedly about whatever you are thinking, but maybe it is easier to hide behind a computer and type into a faceless machine. The vlogging revolution seems to have created a literacy all on its own and it might be very beneficial for us to become literate in the ways of the vlog and incorporate projects like this into the classroom. Oh well, it has been done, uploaded and linked. We hope you will enjoy it!

One last thing: We might not be as funny as we think we are, or we might not be tech-savvy enough to express to you all how funny we really are. Mull that one over, CO301D.



One thought on “Learning a Second Language

  1. I really enjoyed this. The editing, music, and occasional rambling made this a fun video to experience. At first, I thought you were only going to tell us about your vlog since I didn’t see the video until I scrolled down. Maybe put the video at the top?

    I think this video (and many of the posts I’ve read) would be a part of a larger ongoing conversation. How do you think we can get other people (aka folks not in our class … did I just say “folks”? smh) to read/watch/participate?

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