Teacher-Student Interaction Outside the Classroom

Hey guys. Made a VLOG! [: click HERE to view it.

its a little rough…never realized how difficult those can be because you never have time for a pause or to think about what your going to say next. Also…here is a link to the article that I read that gave me the inspiration to talk about what I am talking about. [:



2 thoughts on “Teacher-Student Interaction Outside the Classroom

  1. margotgirerd says:

    Hey! I don’t know how I feel about accepting my students as friends on facebook. I’m an RA and at first, I was really hesitant to accept the requests of my residents, because of the fine line of being a friend and being an authoritative figure… but eventually I accepted their requests because I feel that nowadays technology is becoming so much more prominent in our society as a means of communication. When I become a teacher, I don’t think I’ll seek friendships from my students on facebook, but I think it would be a good idea to create a facebook page for the class, or even a blog space just like this one to create a space to communicate. Plus, maybe in the future, people will be doing homework together on facebook and will have better literacy skills because they were able to write in a free space. My dad is an elementary school teacher and he has taught in a lot of international schools. Last year, he found all of his old students on facebook and created a page called “I was in Mr. G’s class” for them to join. It was pretty cool to see how many of the kids in class had changed and it wasn’t weird because he was no longer their teacher per say. I hope that I can make the same connection that my dad did with his students and that I actually want to know where my students have ended up.

  2. Hey Linda,

    Thanks for taking a chance with a vlog. great job!

    I’m looking forward to the social networking discussion at some point in our class. Here’s how I used MySpace (remember MySpace?) when I was working in a high school: http://centerx.gseis.ucla.edu/xchange-repository/fall-2009/student-commons/rethinking-myspace-using-social-networking-tools-to-connect-with-students/at_download/attachment

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