Teaching Fears

I made a Vlog… my first one ever so bear with me!


Click Here to see it!


Alex Reynolds


2 thoughts on “Teaching Fears

  1. Alex,

    This was actually incredible.

    My friend and I are working on a documentary project for E401 (Teaching Reading), and the thesis of our entire project is “what are your fears in terms of teaching.” Can I PLEASE use a segment of your vlog in my documentary?

    What’s great about this is the text we are reading in conjunction with the project defines the genre of documentary of something that happens organically on film, and then is re-worked into a coherent thought later. I didn’t ask you to make this vlog; in fact, this is the first post I am even commenting on for our class! That’s pretty cool, huh?

    I also might like to ask you a few more questions if that’s ok. Maybe in class or something?

    Thank you for being honest in your vlog. I share many of the same fears you do about teaching. It’s good to know someone else is in the same boat!


    p.s. seriously though… why ISN’T “funner” a word?

    • Alex Reynolds says:


      Of course you can ask me any questions you need! I am glad you enjoyed my vlog. I had fun making it! I love that your project lines up perfectly with what I did and I actually think that is an amazing documentary idea for future educators.

      All I know is that “funner” should definitely be a word. And then we could say things like, “She was a funner runner.”


      P.S. Totally welcome to use segments of my vlog as well… Hopefully I don’t embarrass myself too much 🙂

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