The shit I wish I had known before trying to become a teacher…

First of all, if my language offends…think about how words are only associated with things because we make those connections based off of what we have been taught in our society. Really, “shit” is just four letters put together with the meaning you want it to have. Moving right along now…

I never thought that I would be an 18 credit student trying to play “catch-up” every semester so I can (a) graduate sometime THIS century and (b) stop racking up an extensive amount of student loans that is going to eventually label me as “non-wife material.” (unless my cooking will already condemn me to that fate) Let’s just say my tab with CSU has been open for far too long and I’ve been buying rounds for the whole bar every night.

I guess what I really wish I had known before deciding that I wanted to teach English is how much sleep I would not be getting…

Where was the pie chart from my adviser showing me that delightfully large slice of time being spent on homework, reading, essays, being in class, driving to WELLINGTON!, studying at the library? And in that same pie chart a little, tiny, minuscule sliver demonstrating the sleep that will be had…or two miniature slivers maybe: one for sleep and one for sex.

In between two jobs, a full course load, and a slowly shriveling but still existent social life….I am feeling overwhelmed, sleep deprived, and hungry. When did it become okay for a LIBERAL ARTS degree to prevent you from sitting down and eating an actual meal- an actual meal that didn’t involve a microwave, a drive-thru or a packet of ramen noodles!?

Yarrrgh. This post feels too negative. I am sure there are more rants to come, but for now I kind of feel like turning it over to good ole’ Bobby McFerrin.

All I wanted to get across in this post was that students entering this major need to be prepared for the sleep that won’t exist, the reading that will demand all of your time, and the fast food that will quite possibly make you have indigestion problems.

Oh! and if any of you have reading tips that would be awesome! Alright Bobby time!
(Just look below for the video haha still figuring out this whole blog shenanz.)

-Devyn Curley


3 thoughts on “The shit I wish I had known before trying to become a teacher…

  1. tseyffert says:

    Devyn, I think this blog just got a whole lot more interesting…. and you’ve opened the door to more language options. I am also trying to play “catch-up” after transferring and having all my credits go towards electives…. cause apparently CSU thinks I didn’t bust my ass.
    Thanks for your refreshing opinions on teaching and our college life!

  2. shelbyjayy says:

    Devyn, I find you hilarious. I read it out loud to megs and we both LOL’d (like how I slipped that in there?) several times. Anyways, I think you’re pretty spot on. No one realizes how difficult the degree can be until your past the point of no return… or unless you want to switch your major and stay in school for another 5 years.

  3. Alex Reynolds says:


    Your blog was hilarious. I totally agree with you on the ‘diminishing sleep’ aspect of our role as future educators. The scary part is… We’re not even teachers yet!! Lesson planning, worrying about kids, trying to differentiate our lessons, changing the curriculum, and making our class fun are all things that may worry us now, but in the future, IT’S GOING TO BE REALITY! Ahh!

    On the other hand, the Vice Principal at Webber told our class today that we can either let these things intimidate us and make us chose another profession, or we can allow them to motivate us. I guess it’s up to us to chose whether loss of sleep and anxiety attacks are worth it compared to our passion for teaching (and changing the world!!).

    Anyways, hilarious post! Keep them coming!

    Alex Reynolds

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