Who Can be a Teacher Now?

I came across the “Jenna Marbles” videos not too long ago, and it got me thinking about how stupid she comes across…. and yet, she makes some good points.

I started to wander, how do people respond to teachers, and everyday-folk who post “how-tos” online? How will our future students take in information, when their curriculum will be posted online and easily copied or spoon-fed to them?

I think that Jenna Marbles is funny, and has good points she makes in her videos…. so it made me realize that her “informational” videos are interesting and entertaining. And then I zone out in my educational classes and don’t retain much information. I am not saying she is a good educator, but I am wondering how our future students will be when they can’t focus in our classrooms, and how I’ll have to change my teaching style. It is an issue that revolves around the internet and how it effects our brains and learning. But the YouTube “how-to” genre is a whole different issue. Why even go to school, if you could learn how to do the basics online? You see where I’m going with this…?

It’s frustrating to know that our generation has been through so much change and so much is still evolving. Our profession won’t be the same within the next few years after we graduate (and hopefully start teaching – getting a job is another issue entirely!).

I want to clarify that I am not saying our job will be easy, and people like Jenna Marbles are good teachers. I’m just nervous/confused/anxious about how our education about being educators will be altered within the next couple of years, and how we’ll have to adapt to meet the students at a level that’s good for all understanding.


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