Don’t ask Don’t tell

Don’t ask don’t tell- seems easy but is it fair? Listen to this link here and feel free to give me your honest opinions on what you think about don’t ask don’t tell in education.

I am scared that my job as a teacher is going to be hard since I am a part of the LGBT community. I am going into teaching students, but not just one type of students. I will be teaching different ethnicities, different knowledge levels, and different sexual orientations. I think kids and teachers should be able to express themselves completely and not be ashamed. Now, I am not saying we should FLAUNT our sexuality. I hate PDA. I HATE it. I do not want to see homosexuals OR heterosexuals making out and groping in public. There needs to be something said about keeping the romance in the bedroom, or kitchen, or hell- do it from the chandelier in your living room. Just do not do it in public.

I will not treat my students differently if I do not believe in the same thing they believe, for example, Mormonism, Catholicism, or Islamic, they will be graded the same and treated with the same up most respect they deserve. I would only hope that they (students and faculty) would treat me the same way.

School might be about teaching and gaining knowledge but it is also about finding who you are. I do not believe that gay teachers will teach their students to be gay – you are born that way- I think it is absurd that parents even believe that. Schools need to teach academically and teach that you are who you are and there is no problem with that.



Tealana Ronn


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I am Tealana Ronn. I love writing, baking, Christmas, movies, poetry. I am obsessed with Matthew Gray Gubler, Transformers, Lady Gaga, and Sons of Anarchy. I love living, and helping others!

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