Post is here.

It’s basically me just rambling about how my decision of becoming and English Major has changed the way I view reading and writing!

~* Jess


One thought on “Ehm

  1. Natalie says:

    Hey Jess–wanted to say you’re not alone. I’m going through the SAME thing right now. I used to be so passionate about reading and writing, and about halfway through freshman year I just…lost it. I’m doing everything else besides reading and writing now because when I look at book, I don’t see the colorful, magical world in the pages, but a homework assignment. I don’t open a Microsoft Word document and see a blank canvas to write out stories, but the start of an essay. I’m terrified of this new “laziness” because I’m not doing what I truly love, and I hate my English major because it’s killing my love of reading and writing. I think this will only last for college, at least I HOPE it only lasts for college. As soon as we’re not graded on how well we read or write the love for reading and writing will return!

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