“Behind every famous person is a fabulous teacher.”

This quote explains it all. I felt so inspired when I saw this that I got really excited! It’s extremely true because doctors, lawyers, etc. everyone wants to be them, but how do they get there? Teachers. A big part of the reason that I think teachers are so successful and rewarding in kids’ lives is because they do it for the passion. Not saying that other people don’t have jobs because of their passion, but a lot might have to do with the money. Obviously teaching is not for the money, otherwise we wouldn’t have any teachers. Teachers are teachers because they WANT to be; they are MEANT to be. 



As seen above, Carrie Underwood was inspired by her mother and sisters who are all teachers. It’s amazing to see famous people aren’t so different from us after all. 



Another star, Vanessa Williams was also inspired by her mother to set high standards for herself, and look where she got. It took hard work and dedication, but a lot of it was one person making that difference. I bet most of the people in our classes were inspired by one teacher or another. One simple teacher looking at you and saying, “Of course you can do that. Why wouldn’t you?” makes all the difference in the world. I just really loved this saying that I came across because people don’t appreciate teachers as much as they should until they look back and say, “Wow, that person changed my life.” 

I had one specific teacher that changed my life. In high school, I remember going up to him and saying, “Do you think AP English will be too hard for me?” He simply responded, “AP English is a challenging course for many reasons. It’s not for people to come in and slide by to get an easy A. I think anyone is capable, just whoever puts their mind to it. And yes, I believe that you can be successful in my class.” I told that to heart and when through his class that was extremely challenging, but coming out thinking that was the most rewarding classes I’ve even been apart of. When we graduated I remember him coming up to me and stating, “Fairon, if you become an English teacher, I swear to God….” —just joking around of course but actually pretty serious. My mom ran into him the other day and was telling him what all of us kids are up to. She goes, “..And Fairon’s out in Colorado becoming an English Teacher.” He simply groaned and she replied, “Yep, and she told me it was because of YOU.” She said he was beaming from ear to ear and didn’t know what to say. Everything single thing counts in this world; embrace it. 🙂

Let me know what you think and if you’ve been inspired by another teacher 🙂 It’s fun to share!



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  1. Fairon,

    This post reminds me of a discussion I had as part of a focus group several weeks ago. Essentially the leaders of the focus group were wondering what they could do to inspire more people to be teachers. We came up with ideas like fostering more mentor programs in schools and things of that nature.

    BUT we also talked about the power that media/celebrities have in shaping the way that we view teaching as a profession. Movies and magazines often portray teachers as the “Mr. Gradgrind” or “Professor Snape” type figure. This is SO detrimental to the image that teachers in general! One of our ideas was funding a push for advertisements like the ones you posted; advertisements that include admired social figures recognizing that work that teachers did in their lives.

    How nice would it be alter the negative light cast on our profession, and focus more on the positive differences that teachers have made?

    After all, if I saw an advertisement with my favorite artist admiring his/her teacher for helping them grow, I would personally be inspired! How can the media begin to make teaching “cool” again?

    Thanks for sharing this!


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