Inspiration Strikes!

I was searching for some way to tell you all a little more about myself in an easy way to read and get to know me. I did as Prof. Garcia suggested, I wrote down my random blogging ideas – here’s what I’ve come up with:

I am going to share with you all that moment that realized that I wanted to go into teaching. I know that everyone either has-or is still waiting for- that moment when someone or something inspires us or makes us feel like we are doing the right thing in life (and by “doing the right thing,” I mean studying something in college that interests us or is something we are truly interested in perusing). 

I was studying at Santa Clara University (a small private university in California, near San Jose) for my freshman year. It was a predominantly engineering school. I have no interest in math or sciences. Problem was there before my very first day. Besides the point… I was taking the basic beginning courses, feeling like they were meaningless. However, in all my “useless” classes, I found myself thinking, “If I majored in this, I could teach it in high school/middle school. How would I want to teach this…?” 

Those classes went. I passed. I moved on. The next round of classes felt like the same thing: required classes. (Prepare yourself for the cheesiness.) One class stood out more so than the others. (Bare with me.) It was call “Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop” a writing class. It was a freshmen writing class, similar to Comp150, but we focused on writing about music/artists/genres/recording, etc. My teacher, whom I’ll never forget, was my inspiration and my role model for becoming a teacher. Professor Tim Myers was the final push I needed. He was funny, intelligent, articulate, and got his point across. He was upfront and honest about the work we did in his class. One of the most annoying lessons I had to learn, and it took forever to have it drilled in my head, Tim (as we were allowed to call him) repeated before, during, and after any assignment: “Support your claim!” This goes for anything, written and non-written – an argument, an opinion, a persuasion. He knew he was teaching college freshmen, and he talked to us with full awareness of his audience.

My detailed description could really go on and on about how great this man is, but I really just need to finish it all off by saying how thankful I am to have had him as a professor and have been inspired by him to see where I wanted my life and job to go. In these mere 450, I have not done Mr. Tim Myers justice. But he opened my eyes and changed my life for the better. 

I feel like I still need to pay a tribute to him and thank him (could be another idea for a blog post). But for now, I am signing off with this: I want to know what moment my classmates have had that was their “Ah-Ha” moment for pursuing teaching. Enlighten me.



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