To Kill A Kindle (Rants Against Technology)

As most of my evenings usually go, I was at the hair salon, whiling away the hours by stumbling. Or, using stumbleupon, for those not in the know.
Here’s the thing. I effing love stumbleupon. Its candy for my scattered brain. I can push a tiny button, and a website that I will surely love is going to pop up, and I can even thumbs up it or comment my oh-so-important opinion? Bomb. I honestly can say that, at my work, I spend about 90% of the time stumbling, 8% sneaking soda and chocolate that is supposed to be for our clients (I haven’t yet reached this point, but some of the stylist drink wine or beer intended for clients from coffee mugs while cutting and dyeing hair), and 2% doing the one copy-paste-email speadsheet required of me and taking out the two bags of trash that are actually totally optional for me to take out because we have a cleaning service. Yes, I am paid 12/hour before bonuses to hurdle towards diabetes and/or waste my own time.

Anyways, I have a few channels I like to stumble; graffiti and photography and poetry and humor, blah blah blah. Recently I have been stumbling the education channel, and recently I’ve been developing a major pet peeve. Almost every single site I stumble has to do with new technology for the classroom. Not fun things to do in the classroom, not lesson plans, not shout out to great teachers- just piles of tech talk. Its shown me Edmodo and Evernote and a list of 100 of the best tech site for teachers. And here’s the thing- I’m kind of over it.

I’m not the most into technology. I still play video games on a N64 and think the video quality is just fine. My laptop was probably used by a dinosaur before me (a dinosaur that didn’t mind that its so old that it doesn’t have word OR a webcam, but really, what dino needs both?). My phone is a scratched up blackberry, and I still sometimes use a darkroom to develop photos. There. I said it.

And I am such a technophobe that I get uncomfortable when I see that we are hurdling rapidly towards the digital age.Because here is my honest opinion: I think a lot of technology is dumbing us down immensly.

I had an english teacher tell us that she stopped caring about spelling once word perfected its spell checker.

You can sparknote literally anything, making it totally unnecessary for kids to read outside the classroom anymore.

Kids think its OK 2 writ lyke dis sumtimes.

Or the fact that THIS exists on Yahoo! Answers.

I don’t know, I just feel like students are going to become these little drones who don’t read books, or who will evenutally only own kindle copies of books that they still wont actually read and just sparknote, and that things like writing with a pen and pencil (and then handwriting as we know it altogether!) will dissapear. Call me stuck in the old age, call me a techphobe- I just don’t think its a great thing that we can get any answer we want anytime about anything. I feel like we are fast approaching an age of information overload, where we hear a ton and never actually retain anything. Does anyone else feel like all this technology might not be a good thing?

I do have to make one redeeming comment about StumbleUpon education section before I go…every time I think it has failed me, it delivers a gem like this….


One thought on “To Kill A Kindle (Rants Against Technology)

  1. heathercatherine23 says:

    I could not agree any more with your blog post, this is exactly how I feel! I feel like technology is dumbing our society down immensely, and it really annoys me. Like you mentioned, it is one of my biggest pet peeves when kids write “dis” for “this”, or “sum” for “some”, etc. It makes our generation and the ones after us seem so uneducated and extremely immature. I also don’t like technology in the classroom because I too feel like it affords the students every opportunity to just be lazy in every project or assignment since all they really ever have to do is google a question to get the answer.I just feel like everything is given to students nowadays and they don’t ever have to work, write, read, or think for themselves.
    When we had to go to Preston for our education course, I was so uncomfortable with just how much technology they used all the time! I had never before experienced a class like that and I found it to be really strange. It was so weird to me that sixth grade students did everything on a computer and never had to write a paper, or have any hand written papers to take home to their parents. I also found it weird that they were always allowed to have their phones out in class since they use them for looking up information on the internet. That makes it so easy for kids just to hang out on facebook all day or just text their friends all through class and never learn a single thing.
    I do believe there are benefits to technology, but mostly I feel like the cons outweigh the pros. As you said, I feel like people in the future will no longer be able to actually write in their own handwritting or be able to spell anything which seems so ridiculous to me. I honestly just wish we could all go back to the time of using white boards, paper, and pencils; when students actually thought for themselves and put in the work to receive a valuable education.

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