Hatin’ on Twitter

In contrast to the last post, read why you shouldn’t be hatin on twitter here

In light of our assignment over the weekend to get a Twitter account, i thought it would be interesting to put up an article that takes away some of the negative connotations that Twitter has seemed to accumulate over the years. Not too long ago i was an anti-tweeter, just like many of the people in our class. I thought that it was just a stupid website where Kanye West and 2 Chainz would post statuses about all of the stupid stuff that they do. But let me make it clear, you dont have to follow people like this… Image

It seems like people tend to think that if you have a twitter account you have to follow as many celebrities as possible, because when it comes down to it, thats really the point of twitter, right? 

Well, no. 

Don’t get me wrong, it can definitely be entertaining to follow some famous people, but thats absolutely not what the point of Twitter is. At least not for a future educator. Its important to understand that famous people aren’t the only ones with twitter accounts. There are institutions like “Rethinking Schools” who use Twitter to post announcements or articles about education, and there are people like  education reformist Sir Ken Robinson who use Twitter to post reviews of books or quotes from fellow reformists or teachers.

The important thing to remember when you get a twitter is that you get to decide who to follow and what kind of statuses will dominate your news feed.If you choose to follow people like 2 chainz, then you’re gonna get posts like

Next pik REALLY gone fuk yal UP!”
Or you can choose to follow people like Sir Ken Robinson and see
Oceans of Innovation: Asia Pacific and future of ed. Important paper from M Barber and co: http://tinyurl.com/8jlatyh
So it all comes down to who you choose to follow. You can either decide to have your twitter feed blow up everyday with 2 chainz’s statuses, or you can use it as an invaluable tool for the future of your profession.
Give Twitter a chance!
-Alex Denu



About alexdenu

Senior english major at Colostate University. Publishing, self-publishing, e-books, OCR corrections, reading, lit analysis etc.

One thought on “Hatin’ on Twitter

  1. jesslinn says:


    I really enjoyed this post, mostly because I am one of those people who….isn’t all to fond of twitter (obviously, from my post below ^^). I just haven’t heard many good things about it, even when it first came out and so I’ve tried to stay as far away from it as possible. When I heard we were going to be making a twitter account for this class, I was little upset, but the more we talked about it in class the more interested I became. I was curious as to how we were actually going to use something like twitter to help us become teachers and better our education.
    Also, because of my aversion to twitter, I wasn’t really all the sure how it worked (I’m still not!) but it’s kind of reassuring to me to hear you say that there are actually people or groups who use it to talk about important essays or interesting articles.
    I’m feeling rather self-conscious about my last post, and I just wanted to say I posted that mostly cause I found it amusing because I have a friend who will honestly post stuff like that on his twitter….noooot one of his proudest achievements in life, haha. But anyways, thank you for this post. It’s good for me to FINALLY hear something positive about twitter.


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