What people think I do/ What I really do

These pictures have become the new craze. They are super funny, and usually accurate to a point.

What my friends think I do: This picture is occupied with a teacher reading a book to little kids. Looks like happy times- kids are paying attention and engaged. I will not lie, when I think about teaching my head floats straight to a classroom where I am teaching in Sunday school clothes and all the kids are listening and interested in what I have to say; but I think that is because that is our fantasy world of teaching. (Maybe not the church clothes). I think adults who have other jobs besides working in the education system think it is super easy to teach and that is why they picture this particular image when thinking about our occupation.

What my mom thinks I do: First off, I am scared of Albert Einstein ever since I had a nightmare about him trying to kill me with an ice cream cone. It really scarred me- but he was considered brilliant. Let me tell you, my mom thinks I am super smart; but really, I fake it. I do not know what I am doing. But most parents want to believe their kids can find the cure to cancer or end world hunger. Most parents just have an infinity of love for their children and they think their child is the smartest child ever to be born. That is why my mom thinks I am as smart as Mr. Einstein- she is delusional, like most parents.

What society thinks I do: Now, I do not know how to really interpret this picture, but I believe it is the fact that teachers get ‘summer vacation’. Sure, it sounds nice- we get the summer off and have fun and have nothing to worry about. Wrong. We are planning for the next year and brainstorming. I have heard a plethora of teachers say, their summer break really is not a break. So, that is how I associate this picture. Society thinks we have it easy. Work till three, get off school, have an amazing social life, and get awesome long vacations.

What kids think I do: Let’s admit. Kids like to exaggerate. They like to make a tiny incident into a dramatic scene and usually the teacher ends up being the bad guy, even though they secretly love us. One of my professors told me a story about a student in her class. They were required to write in their journals and she would read them every night. One kid wrote about wanting to commit suicide. The teacher went and told the councilor right away and that kid was angry and hurt that she spilled such a dark secret of his. Towards the end of the year they sit in a circle and they had to tell the class a positive aspect about one another. She was sitting right next to the boy and scared he would say something horrible. He said, ‘she is the best friend anyone could have’. See, they do like us! They just need to excite their lives by making up stories. They will realize that we are good people in time!

What I think I do: Teachers want to change the world. But overall, they want to know they at least changed one persons life. It is a great feeling guiding kids towards the future and helping them grow. We see the struggling student and hope that we can make their lives into a Hollywood movie that will inspire everybody around them. It might not all happen that extravagantly, but, whether we know it or not, I think we do change or at least positively alter the students we come in contact with.



Tealana Ronn


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I am Tealana Ronn. I love writing, baking, Christmas, movies, poetry. I am obsessed with Matthew Gray Gubler, Transformers, Lady Gaga, and Sons of Anarchy. I love living, and helping others!

3 thoughts on “What people think I do/ What I really do

  1. Fairon says:

    First things first, I literally busted out laughing when I read about you having a dream about Albert Einstein trying to kill you with an ice cream cone. It’s not really funny, and I’m sure terryifying, but it definitely brought a smile to my face 🙂

    I absolutely love this post! When this was brought up as an idea during class I was going to do it, but then I saw you did it so I figured I would comment instead. I’m just going to comment on a few otherwise I could talk on and on for days about this post! Starting with the ‘What my friends think I do’: I think this one is accurate along the lines that a TON of people think this is what teaching is like. Even sometimes, like you, I think to myself of my classroom looking like this, which at times maybe it will? But I think we all know a basic idea of what we are getting into going into the teching profession.

    The next one I chose to elaborate on is ‘What kids think I do’. I think using the Snape metaphor is perfect! I think kids think we are sometimes a lot worse than what we actually are. We are awful for making them do homework, making them think, and making them put in a little extra effort, yet I find it ironic that almost our entire class was inspired by a teacher that had an affect on them.

    The last one that I am going to focus on is the ‘What I really do’. I’m not sure if I fully agree with the picture that is posted. This teacher looks depressed and overwhemled with how much work they have as a teacher. I just think teaching is so much more than that! Waking up to something that I love to do and changing kids lives whether we are aware of it or not is going to be amazing. Yes, we are going to have to work at it, but that’s part of life. Anything you do you will have to work at it, it all depends on if you are passionate about it.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. jesslinn says:


    This made me laugh so hard! I loved how you went into detail about what each one means to you and everything. I just wanted to quickly just say on the “what society thinks I do” that I’ve had teachers tell me the exact same thing. But! On top of everything else that you mentioned, I know of multiple past teachers of mine who had to get a “summer job”, so to speak, just so they could keep up with their car and house payments, as well as their children’s summer activities. Teaching really is hard work, and people who think we “get summers off” like our students are just wrong!

    I think your other points were spot-on as well! Especially the “What my friends think I do” one. I always think of my classroom being just like that as well!

    Anyways, what I really wanted to say has been said. I really enjoyed this blog post! Thanks for making me laugh!


  3. tseyffert says:

    This is PERFECT! I love how it is pretty much on the spot. I know I would love to be like Robin Williams in “Dead Poets Society” and I’ll strive to do so, but I can also see how many teachers can’t be like that because there are the logistics and all the papers/tests/school stuff that looms in your office after class.

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