Inferences, Extrapolating and Other Nonsensical Words

I made a vlog! The options that YouTube gave me for a thumbnail were all awkward, so…if my facial expression is unpleasing, I promise they are not all like that!


Side note: If you haven’t seen any of the Alien movies, you should make that a priority this semester. Sigourney Weaver is a gold mine of power lines and feminist theory.




4 thoughts on “Inferences, Extrapolating and Other Nonsensical Words

  1. kreidern says:

    Sigourney Weaver is the best. The Alien series is probably some of my favorite older movies of all time! Glad to hear somebody else knows about these old gems 🙂

    • alasamy says:

      YES! I reference the second movie a lot more than I probably should considering the fact that only one person I know has seen it. They are definitely gems!

    • alasamy says:

      Professor Garcia,
      That is the exact image I have in my head when I hear the word “extrapolate.” Gosh, it’s perfect. Thank you for making that!!

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