2 thoughts on “Read Like The Kardashians Taught You

  1. mhuntzinger says:

    Loved your blog! The title really caught my eye because whether you love them or hate them, the Kardashians’ name calls attention to itself. I think that this is a very interesting metaphor: branding yourself as a reader just like Kim Kardashian brands herself commercially. I really like the idea of reminding kids that you love to read, especially being English teachers and I love the idea of creating a space in the classroom where both the teacher and students can jot down what they are reading. As educators it is important not to forget that you are role models for your students. If kids see you being an active reader, then they won’t see you as hypocritical for asking them to read and will understand why you care so deeply about literature. I also think that it is important to take an interest in what your students are reading in their free time.

  2. alexdenu says:

    First of all im definitely glad to hear that you are starting to appreciate twitter! I honestly do feel that when used the right way, it can be an invaluable tool. Your post made me realize that i can’t remember one time that a past teacher of mine has mentioned what they’re reading, or have read, in their free time. Whenever books were discussed in class it was almost undoubtedly what the class was reading at that time.
    I love how the article encourages people to be more annoying about what they’re reading. I don’t think its really plausible that any of us can be as annoying as the Kardashians but hey, we sure can try.
    As the article says, simply talking about our favorite books is not the end-goal, but rather discussing everything in your reading arsenal. Does anyone else feel like they talk more about the books that you didn’t like than your favorite books? I know i could talk about some books i despise for hours.
    Thanks for your post! Kardashian-esque advertising of my books starts… NOW

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