A to Z Advice for Teachers

Always take time for yourself.

Be aware of your students’ needs.

Care for the students you don’t possibly think you could.

Display student work.

Establish expectations from the beginning.

Focus on the positive.

Grade on a system- make a schedule that allows you some “me” time

Have a homework policy.

Invite students to your office hours.

Join in school activities.

Keep sticky notes on your desk- quick reminders

Laugh every day!

Motivate your students through your actions.

Never bring your personal problems into the classroom


Perform professionally

Quiet time is good for teachers too.



Try your best- sometimes even the best lesson plans won’t work.

Use different types of media.

Variety of teaching styles.

Walk around the room to connect with all of your students

Xtras-like chaperoning dances or coaching

You- don’t forget to be your self

Zzzzzzz- get enough sleep



One thought on “A to Z Advice for Teachers

  1. This is really cool, and I think you did a really great job coming up with a compact and thorough list of advice for teachers! You should get this made into a poster for your future classroom 🙂

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