Ideas, Incredible Things, and a Saxophone Player

Got any ideas?

In the middle of my personal struggle to come up with any suitable ideas for the genre paper in my 301d class, i happened upon an article that tells the tale of the worlds struggle to express ideas. The article ( plus Boyle and Horan) makes an assumption that common folk like all of us have ideas that we could share, but we just dont have a place to express them. Generally i would agree that this is true, but in the middle of my personal genre paper conflict, i can’t remember my last “original idea that had value” (Sir Ken Robinsons definition of creativity). When i look past my own struggle, however, i do believe that the world is full of individuals with unique and valuable ideas. At least i hope that it is. Is the problem then that those unique ideas have nowhere to flourish? Do people think of brilliant ideas only to see them peter out into nothing? And also, where does the expression “peter out” come from?” 

ahhhhhh so many questions…..

The realization that the article is attempting to reveal to us is that our ideas hold value, and that our ideas have potential to change things, contrary to the belief that good ideas just dont exist anymore. It’s tough for me to come to terms with this. Not because i don’t think that I have the ability to come up with brilliant ideas, my mental block stems from the fact that the originator of these ideas almost never gets to see where their idea ends up. I absolutely do believe that the general public has the ability and the passion to create incredible things, but its hard to understand that even the smallest of ideas has the potential for mass change.

To branch off from that incredibly used cliche, there seems to be an incredible amount of obstacles that have been built up that stand in the way of expressing original ideas. The solutions to overcoming these barriers still remain confusing and opaque to me, but i don’t believe thats uncommon. The answers to these problems are not clear cut and easy. If they were, none of us would have problems transporting our ideas. But the solutions are there. 

That was a ranteriffic blog post. In short, i just hope that when all of us feel a fantastic idea coming on, we imagine that we have this guy cheering us on and encouraging us to share our ideas.




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Senior english major at Colostate University. Publishing, self-publishing, e-books, OCR corrections, reading, lit analysis etc.

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