Why I Love StumbleUpon…

I know as well as everyone that there is a lot of great education information on the internet; the problem is sifting through everything else that is completely irrelevant….

…which seems to mostly consist of pictures of cats. I personally feel completely overwhelmed when I think about looking for ideas for my future classroom online. There is sooo much floating around out there! My mom has been a teacher for the last million years and is constantly giving me sites that have lesson planning ideas, classroom activities, and everything else imaginable. I have so many accounts sending me teacher ideas that I have just marked them all as spam. The time it takes to create these accounts and the look through 5862 pages of further links is exhausting and I don’t know what person in the world has time for it.

Personally, I think Pinterest is great when it comes to things like crafting, baking, and shopping, but is absolutely terrible in finding me ideas for my future classroom. Pinterest is of course, the culmination of sparkles, Popsicle sticks and other cutesy junk no one needs. I don’t intend for any of these to be incorporated in my future classroom. I don’t think my future high school students would really enjoy this “calming jar”…

Note that this was the first thing that showed up under the education section with a caption reading, “Calming jar…they have to sit and watch the jar until all of the glitter has floated to the bottom…heck I might use it myself :)”. As an elementary school teacher, this “crafty learning” would be great! But they have no place in a high school English classroom. When I search English education in the search box, I get a whopping nine results which consist primarily of inspirational quotes. I don’t have time to muddle through the mess of education links and the crafty projects on Pinterest aren’t appropriate for high school learners.

StumbleUpon has been one of my favorite sites for finding new books for a long time. I only recently began using it as a way to find new teaching ideas, but I think it’s great! Yeah, there are still a lot of results I couldn’t care less about, but I can move on the next page with on click and it only takes a second. The pages I’m interested in are applicable and I am presented with a good variety of education related topics from news to educational websites. This is a page I stumbled upon last night: 12 Tech Tools That Will Transform The Way You Teach! After exploring some of these sites I realized that they were completely great and I began thinking of ways I could incorporate them in my lessons in the future. I even am thinking about using the Glogster site for my genre paper! Not only are the education selections helpful, but stumbling my content area, English, provides even more useful pages. On the site Litereature-Map, you can enter an author’s name and it creates an interactive web map of similar authors, so cool!

And if you really want you can even stumble cat pictures…





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