7 Classic Disney Movies That Taught Us Terrible Lessons

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So being a HUGE Disney fan I thought this article was really over the top. I mean, the author had some valid points, but these are kid movies (even though a ton of us, especially me, watch them daily). For example from the first movie the Lion King, it states that the main point is “In order to be successful, someone has to die.” I think this is completely inaccurate. From watching the Lion King, I got out that sometimes you have to stick up for yourself, and people (lions in this case) go through changes and sometimes getting lost helps you find yourself.

As for the next movie, Cinderella, the author states that if you wait around long enough society will hand things to you. I’m not exactly sure where she got this from because that is not what I got from Cinderella at all. I think the meaning that she said for the original thought was accurate from saying that dreams do come true. I honestly believe that they do! I think you have to work hard for them, but Cinderella does, she just so happens to get a fairy god mother to help her out. 

A big one that I disagreed with completely was The Little Mermaid. Saying that the supposed message was “love conquers all” and that the actual message is “a little deal with the devil never hurt anybody, as long as everything works out in the end.” That statement doesn’t even make sense. How on earth would you know if something is going to turn out good in the end. It’s called taking a chance and having some risk in your life! It just so happens that the Little Mermaid ended up being okay in the end (like most movies). Ariel followed her heart and took a little risk to get to where she wanted to be. 

After reading this article, I see where the author got most of her thoughts because she had a lot of examples to back them up, but what I think she is missing the most is her inner child. I think being over-analytical of certain things takes the fun and enjoyment that children, and people who are interested in Disney movies, away from them. Maybe I just look at the positive side and choose not to focus on things that are beneath the surface because Disney movies take me out of a reality from my stressful, busy life, and I don’t want them to become something that is so analytical. I think she makes some solid points, but I will choose to agree to disagree 🙂 

Let me know what you guys thought about this article! Especially you Disney lovers!



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