I was watching this video today on a teacher singing in class. Click HERE to check it out. Anyways I was thinking about how I want to integrate things such as music and videos into my classroom. I think that it is essential that students get exposed to music and other activities other than simple (and quite boring) lectures. I love the idea of playing the guitar in class. This can be done two ways though I think. One approach to using music in the classroom, would be as a “brain break”. This is something that I have been thinking about incorporating into my classroom. I have noticed working at Preston, that these students work so much better when they are able to stand up, move around, listen to music and watch a short video. Making changing within the classroom is something that I have watched my teachers do in the past and it has helped them emensly. After brain breaks like this during the middle of a lecture, the students have become attentive and it seems like a whole new class. I show up at Preston around 1 o’clock. The students have already been in school for 5 hours, with a short lunch. I have understood through this video, as well as through my experiences in Educ. 240-350, that brain breaks are really important for students ability to learn.

Another way I think that I can incorporate music into the classroom is by assigning them home work or tasks where they have to show me what they have learned through something other than a paper or a quiz. Students are all different and all learn completely differently, therefor I think that incorporating art, music and other forms of media is important. I was definitely a visual learner. I noticed (especially in high school) that I could understand things better when my teacher would give us additional options to show our understanding. Different approaches to teaching lectures is something that I want to do for sure! This teacher did a great thing by giving these students a new perceptive on teaching, while also allowing their brains to “rest” from everything else that they were learning.






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