Define Appropriate….?

Fellow classmates,

Many of us are currently in/have already taken/still need to take EDUC 340 (aka Literacy and the Learner). I am currently taking this class and am doing my lab and recitation at Wellington Middle School. On the first day of our recitation, they told us the rules and gave us some guidelines for the dress code. 

I am still confused three weeks later…

They told us:

No jeans – eliminates 89% of my wardrobe options

No spaghetti straps for tank tops – meh…

No cleavage showing – hard for those of us who are…. ah hem… well endowed….

Shorts, skirts, dresses need to be at least just above the knee – makes sense

No flip flops – other shoes are do-able, like Converse!

No underwear showing – *cough cough* to the wannabe gangsters

No bad symbols, slogans, words, phrases, etc (like marijuana) – good idea

Now, for most of these, all I could think was “Well duh.” But then I got home and looked in my closet…. I have nothing! Most of my clothes are jeans, shorter shorts (not short shorts, just shorts that aren’t right above my knee), tank tops, t-shirts, or could be seen as “unprofessional.” Last week I wore a dress that was perfect, with a belt and some black ballet flats. But now I’m at a loss for what I can wear for this week. My recitation teachers (as a side note: one was wearing jeans and a science t-shirt because she “bought a pass that allowed her to wear jeans every Tuesday for the rest of the school year. The other was wearing an undershirt, a blue Hawaiian shirt, and blue kaki capris – professional?), and every other teacher that I’ve noticed ever since, have dressed casually, but also haven’t broken any of these rules! HOW!?! 

I had to go back and try to remember what my middle school and high school teachers wore to class. Everything seemed so perfect. Every teacher had their own style or flair, but every single thing would still fit all the previously stated guidelines. 

I guess I have to re-vamp my wardrobe and get grown-up things instead of Converse and jeans. But it made me wonder what other teachers have had wardrobe issues? Or what other schools use for dress code rules? or if some people are just naturally well-dressed, while others like me are still trying to understand what’s fashionable and appropriate, and what is considered children’s clothing? 

Does anyone have any ideas for some staple articles that every person should have for things like this, or interviews, or just to update our closets? Google only helped me a little…. I found an example from a teacher, Deb McGowan. She was one of seven teachers across the states to win a make-over and it shows in her classroom and amongst her students as well!

The only other somewhat helpful tips that were also very general are HERE

Hope this helps anyone else who’s struggling or only wearing one outfit each week to their lab/recitation, like me!



One thought on “Define Appropriate….?

  1. Hey Tara!
    I’m in EDUC 340 as well and I’ve sort of found myself in the same situation. I’m working at Preston and so far they haven’t said anything about my jeans so I think they’re ok with them. My advice would be to find some black, white, navy or tan pants. That way you can just circulate these pants every week with some sort of simple top. Dressier than jeans but versatile.
    I also have the same problem with shoes. The only pair of shoes that I have aside from my flip flops are my vans that look like converse. I know I need to get a dressier pair of flats but I’m far too broke for that.
    Anyways, I would definitely recommend the pants thing though and then just switch them out with some simple looking tops.
    Hope I could help a bit and good luck!

    Anna B.

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