Obama’s Basketball Game

I’m sure most of you have read the book I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, and if you haven’t and you’re easily amused by “frat guy humor,” you need to.  This book is a collection of hilarious stories about Tucker Max, a guy whose average Monday night makes most of our weekends look as exciting as a night at home watching a movie and doing homework.  But that is not what I’m writing this post about.  Tucker Max got his undergrad degree at the University of Chicago, the same place and time that our current president taught few classes at.  Furthermore that’s not the only thing that the two have in common, Max and president Obama both love basketball and coincidently they both played pick-up games at the gym together once a week.  Here’s a link to the article that Tucker wrote about playing basketball with Obama.

This post is not intended to be about anything to do with his presidency or my political views (which I am not going to comment on), the thing that really amazed me was about how much his Basketball game said about him as an individual.   The correlation between how he is as a person and how he is as a basketball player says a lot about what sports can teach an individual.  Tucker talks in his article about how President Obama was always the voice of reason and a really genuine guy and how that among other things correlates to his presidency.  From what I’ve hear about Obama in real life that is all true about him as a person so I’m going to generalize this article to relate it to an education topic: high school sports.

It’s pretty common knowledge that sports teach children a discipline that they simply cannot learn from the classroom such as things like sportsmanship and responsibility.  However, as this article would reflect they do a lot more than that, sports can mold a person into who they will be as a future adult.  The hard work ethic that sports teach does not only come from the athletes however, most of it comes from the coaches.  In my opinion, coaches have an even more influence on a student’s life than a teacher.  I ran cross country my freshman year of high school, and even though I was forced not to participate in the sport for the duration of high school due to my knee, in that one season my coach taught me more than all of my teachers that year combined.  Even more importantly, I have been able to apply what I’ve learned from him into my everyday life and my game as a runner for that brief season and a Lacrosse player for the rest of high school says more about me than any personality test could tell you.  I will never be able to forget coach Faulhaber and the lessons he taught me and I’m sure president Obama will say the same thing about who ever taught him to play Basketball.  That being said I encourage anyone aspiring to be a teacher to coach a high school sport at least one point in their career if not all of it.  Tucker Max for president!


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