What’s the standard anyways?

I just want to do a quick post on standardized tests. It’ll be quick because 1. I don’t want to go into some pointless tangent and 2. I made my feelings about it pretty clear already the other day in class. I guess I really just want to know what other people think of them?

I find them pointless. You could give me homework but put “Test” on the top of it and I would instantly fail. Tests scare the crap out of me and I’ve never done well on them. Also, it bothers me that what seem to be the most important parts of the test are math and science. Isn’t it time the U.S. grows up in our education? We aren’t in the industrial revolution anymore… it’s okay to learn more, and to be better in english then math, or better in art then science. It irritates me that we base how smart kids are off of a fill in the bubble packet. Or how we pay teachers, or what schools get funding… aren’t the schools with the lowest scores the ones to be getting the funding anyways? They need it most!

I guess I have a lot of bitter feelings about standardized tests because I fee like part of my education was screwed over because of them. But that’s just me.


One thought on “What’s the standard anyways?

  1. Shelby,
    I think your frustration towards standardized tests is well met in the education world! I’d be curious to hear more about how your own education was “screwed over” by these sorts of assessments.

    Your post made me think about a quote from Dennis Searle:
    “Who’s building whose building?”
    If we are asking students to become independent thinkers, and if we are asking them to read/write about things that are useful to them, isn’t it contradictory to assess them based on what a board of educators seems to think is “relevant?”

    In some ways I understand the need for these tests: we don’t want students to fall through the cracks of the schooling system. Ultimately though I agree that it’s counterintuitive for a teacher to build and dictate the entire framework of what MATTERS to a particular student.

    What does this say about our values as educators? How can we begin to redefine what a “standardized test” should look like? Is that even possible?

    Thanks for this post- it led to some useful inquiry on my behalf :]

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