All the Pretty Blog Posts

The title has nothing to do with my actual blog post…I’m just listening to “All the Pretty Horses,” and Cormac McCarthy is one of my favorite authors.


So, I’m still trying to scramble up with an idea about this first paper-project thing. I know what I want to do it on (LGBT in schools), but I’m at a loss on how I want to present it. I could easily narrow my topic to, say…LGBT bullying in schools and how teachers can stop it, but then how do I present this? PowerPoint? An essay? A video? I guess I’m trying to approach this with the thought: what makes the most sense? If I were somebody looking for information on LGBT bullying in schools (I’m probably a teacher, administrator, or some other community member involved with public schools), what media would catch my attention, and deliver a more powerful message? I’ve seen some pretty awesome LGBT videos out on YouTube (like the “It Gets Better” messages, etc.), but then again coming up with an original video is a difficult task without copying ideas from another video. I could vlog about it, perhaps?


But this topic of LGBT in schools does get me wondering on the resources out there–so many show statistics on LGBT students, the incidents of bullying, and all the “bad stuff” that happens, but rarely do I find some way to stop it. It seems like the community is at a point where they realize the problem, but still unsure on how to approach it. We’ve come so far from where we were, but we’re still a long way on resolving this thing entirely. And it makes me curious on how Romney, or other Republican presidential candidates, will improve this situation. They firmly believe in straight marriages, and the US should not recognize anything other than one man and one woman as a legal, binding union. If this sort of restriction makes it illegal for gays, or bisexuals, or transgenders, to be open and accepted as a couple, then how will LGBT students feel more accepted at school? And how will we, as teachers, be able to support all students no matter what we believe? Whether you believe in Romney’s opinions or not, it’s our job to keep our students safe and accepted, and tolerance of LGBT students is a huge problem right now. How will YOU stand up for the gay kid being picked on in the hallways? How will YOU bring more acceptance to your classroom of students being able to speak their minds, and be open on who they are?


That’s all I have to say. Gotta get started on this paper-project for tomorrow.



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