Sometimes we just need a good laugh

I had this teacher in High School who would start every class off with a video. One that was really funny. He said it was because he liked being able to instantly control the mood and make it what he wanted. He wanted the classroom to feel alive, happy, and enjoyable. I absolutely loved it because I felt like he was really wanting us to enjoy our time in his classroom and want to be there. I want to do this one day in my classroom. I found this video tonight and im sure everyone has already seen it but I haven’t laughed this hard in a really long time. And lets admit it… we all love the laugh when you can’t breathe and its silent for like 2 minutes and tears are streaming down your face with your mouth wide open. I doubt this video will do that for anyone… but it did it for me 🙂 maybe it being 11:30 and im super tired played into it as well. 



One thought on “Sometimes we just need a good laugh

  1. tseyffert says:

    Shelby, this video is probably the funniest ones that I’ve seen in a while too. I first saw it when my mom (of all people) sent it to me via Facebook and then called me to hear me laugh at it. I was crying, and I still laugh that hard that I cry each time I watch it. Thank you for making my Friday 🙂
    I also have had teacher who do this and it is a really good way to get people’s attention and focus, while doing it in a light hearted way. It is a technique (?) that I would also like to use.

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