TED Talks — JK Rowling: The Fringe Benefits of Failure

JK Rowling, the brilliant writer and author of our generation’s classic work — Harry Potter, gave a commencement speech at Harvard University.  She beautifully discusses the benefits of failure and how transformative the experience can be.

Rowling so eloquently communicates many transcendent truths of the human experience and interweaves a constant theme of hope and renewal to edify every single member of her audience.  This speech is the epitome of education: it teaches and delights, gratifies and edifies, exposes the human soul and wraps it back up in the warmth of compassion.

I have little that I can say about this speech, expect that it will be one of my guiding standards as I enter the teaching profession.  And I hope it will be just as meaningful to all of you.

-Matt Cleland


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